Professional Photographers


Our customers are welcome to direct their professional photographers to rent Thompson’s Tree Farm as a beautiful venue for their family photographs. Photographers are welcome by appointment only. To book a session, half-day, or full day rental of Thompson’s Tree Farm, please call 770-513-2552.

2017 Photographer Fees
One Session: $35
Half Day*: $55
Full Day: $85

If you would like¬†exclusive use of Thompson’s Tree Farm (with customers present, but no other photographers permitted within your rental time frame), we offer half-day and full day rates.

2017 Exclusive Photographer Fees
Half Day*: $125
Full Day: $225

*Half day can be 9am-1pm, 8am-12pm, 1-5pm, 1:30-5:30pm

Vintage Truck Rental for Photography:

$25 for one session and $50 for all day rental.